Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP sanitizer

Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is a safe method to sterilize your equipment without using harsh chemical options. It utilizes UV light to disinfect 99% of pathogens consisting of bacteria, infections, and fungi. It does not use ozone, and therefore those who are sensitive to it can utilize this cleaner for their CPAP with no worries.

How does Lumin CPAP sanitizer works?

Lumin CPAP mask cleaner eliminates pathogens and bacteria commonly discovered in CPAP masks and accessories by using high energy UV light innovation. It is easy and easy to run. After dirt and particles has actually been eliminated, you simply put your CPAP mask into the UV chamber and let the Lumin do its magic. The Lumin is quiet and powerful. One 5-minute cycle suffices to kill all surface mold and bacteria on the items put inside the pull-out tray.

Advantages of Lumin CPAP sanitizer.

5 Miniute Sanitization -Five minutes is all a cycle needs to disinfect your CPAP mask and chamber with UV light. And the very best part? You can utilize your equipment instantly later. Ozone-based cleaners typically need 10 minutes or more to decontaminate, and some require users to leave their masks in the chamber for a waiting period of up to 2 hours. The Lumin UV system does not require a waiting duration-- you can decontaminate and utilize your mask right away!

Safe and efficient -Among the very best features of the Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is how quickly it can have items ready for make use of. The Lumin operates on a five-minute cycle after which products within are decontaminated and safe to be used right away. Simply pull the Lumin tray out, position the item within, close the tray, and press the power button. In 5 minutes the Lumin will release a beep to show the cycle is ended up, and the items can be eliminated and utilized. It's as easy as that.

Cost effective - Lumin CPAP cleaner is a little more pricey than other UV cleaners on the marketplace, nevertheless, it's likewise supported by a series of research, and guarantees high resilience, which might save you cash in the long run. As soon as you've bought it, there's no need to buy any additional replacement supplies, either. No additional cleaning items are required to clean your CPAP, and the UV bulb that Lumin uses is ranked to last longer than the life of the device, so it's extremely unlikely it'll need changing. In the rare event that the bulb is harmed, replacement bulbs are available for a low cost from 3B Medical.

Suitable with All CPAP Masks - The Lumin's measurements determine 9-3/8 ″ L x 6 3/8 ″ W x 3-7/8 ″ H, and the machine will clean any item that can fit in its drawer. It's been specifically designed to manage most CPAP masks, hose pipes, and water chambers, however the S10 water chambers must be separated prior to being put in the drawer-- these just pop out and allow you to separate the chamber.

Sanitize Your CPAP Supplies and More - Clean any item that can fit in the inner tray, consisting of most CPAP masks, humidifier chambers, and other accessories. You can use Lumin to decontaminate electronic gadgets, cellular phone, keys, wallets, and other everyday products. Complete your Lumin cleaning system with the Lumin Bullet ( offered for purchase) for CPAP hose pipe and tubing cleaning. Fast and easy-to-use, the Lumin Bullet cleans the one accessory your Lumin CPAP sanitizer can't. We advise using Lumin twice weekly on your hose pipe.

UV systems -No ozone smells, no residue to rub out, and no waiting period after the cleaning cycle completes-- your items can be used immediately. Lumin's UV light process is completely odorless, extremely safe, and backed by research study. Lab-tests show that Lumin's short-wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) light techniques reduces the effects of damaging germs, viruses, mold and fungus.

No Replacement Components Needed - You will not require any extra adapters to start sanitizing. To start, simply place your equipment right into the Lumin's drawer and you're ready to go. Items that the Lumin can clean up inside its drawer masks, humidifier chambers and other products you use often (i.e. keys, phone, tooth brush etc.)


Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner does not need water or any cleaning chemicals to run and does not need supervision while running. This permits users more freedom to do other things while their mask is cleaned up, whatever they can do in five minutes because that's all it considers a sterile, sanitized mask! Just open the drawer, location your CPAP mask inside, and begin the sanitizing cycle.

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